Services Overview
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Services Overview

Coaching Negotiators, Organizations, Leaders

Negotiation Mastery Circle

Nine Domains and Enneagram

Conflict Management, Public Engagement

Professional Speaking

Sustainability Consulting



Arrange to meet with David to discuss your needs; email:
“I work with professionals developing their negotiation mastery and leadership strength. I do this through hosting transformative workshops, coaching, professional speaking and writing.”
“This will take time. This will take strength of character. This will take leadership. If you are wise, creative, curious and far sighted, step forward. Now is When.”
“Consider that all the expertise and experience we each have may not be enough to effectively and successfully deal with the great challenges we face today as individuals, families, organizations, professions and nations. Consider the collective wisdom that is possible from a circle of diverse perspectives and interests coming together to listen, understand, speak, generate and co-create breakthrough solutions.”

The Need We Serve

Organizations and Professionals who are committed to:

  • Bringing leading edge negotiation practices to their challenges
  • Creating transformational collaborative organizations
  • Enhancing the way professionals work together
  • Supporting and mentoring future leaders in their growth
  • Encouraging business and personal growth

What We Offer:

  • Management and Negotiation Consulting
  • Negotiation Mastery Circles
  • Leadership Circles
  • Public Engagement Circles
  • Professional public speaking
  • Workshops and Management Retreats
  • Conflict Management
  • Enneagram Personality Types and Insights for Business
  • Mentoring programs
  • Team and Organizational Levels Assessment Tools
  • Alliances with other organizations and consultants to provide a full range of expertise in these areas
  • Opportunity for productive management, better business relationships and results through powerful, authentic, open and successful leadership and negotiations

This is the essence of Dave’s work with clients across North America. Simply stated, his approach is energy, exploration, awareness, clarity and choice.