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Services Overview

Coaching Negotiators, Organizations, Leaders

Negotiation Mastery Circle

Nine Domains and Enneagram

Conflict Management, Public Engagement

Professional Speaking

Sustainability Consulting



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“I work with professionals developing their negotiation mastery and leadership strength. I do this through hosting transformative workshops, coaching, professional speaking and writing.”
“This will take time. This will take strength of character. This will take leadership. If you are wise, creative, curious and far sighted, step forward. Now is When.”
“Consider that all the expertise and experience we each have may not be enough to effectively and successfully deal with the great challenges we face today as individuals, families, organizations, professions and nations. Consider the collective wisdom that is possible from a circle of diverse perspectives and interests coming together to listen, understand, speak, generate and co-create breakthrough solutions.”


Everything we provide on this website is available to your organization on a private consulting basis.

Key consulting strengths;

  • Negotiation
  • Business development
  • Leadership development
  • Agreement and community building
  • Conflict management.
  • Executive coaching.

Brief CV:
Corporate Experience: includes;

  • President, Savage Management (founder,1993 to present, private),
  • President & CEO, think SUSTAIN ability (cofounder, 2012 to present, private),
  • Vice President, Marmac Mines Ltd. (cofounder, 2004 to present, private),
  • Vice President, Business Development, Sebring Energy (2005 – 2007, public),
  • Vice President, Business Development, TriQuest Energy (2002 – 2005, public),
  • Senior Vice President, Sommer Energy, (cofounder, 2001 – 2002, private),  
  • Vice President, Joint Ventures and Land, BXL Energy (1996 – 2001, public),
  • Chief Operating Officer and Director & Westar Petroleum (1980 – 2001, public).

Overview: BA (Economics)/ University of Calgary 1975, ACC/ International Coaching Federation 2009, Nine Domains Team and Organizational Development Facilitator, Art of Convening World Café Facilitator, Negotiation and management in all facets of the Canadian and American petroleum industry since 1975, leadership in appropriate dispute resolution, mediation and conflict management since 1993, professional coaching since 2007, professional speaker and writer to Canadian Bar, NAFTA DR Committee, University of Calgary, Petroleum Joint Venture Association, Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen, Canadian Gas Processors Association, Synergy Alberta, Association for Conflict Resolution, JC International and more.   Author and videographer on negotiation.

Not For Profit Founder; Global Negotiation Insight Institute (GNII), Company to Company ADR Council (C2C), Energy and Resources Conservation Board ADR Committee, Synergy Alberta & Professional Enneagram Association of Canada (PEAC). Also active in and rewarded by Petroleum Joint Venture Association & Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen.