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Services Overview

Coaching Negotiators, Organizations, Leaders

Negotiation Mastery Circle

Nine Domains and Enneagram

Conflict Management, Public Engagement

Professional Speaking

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“I work with professionals developing their negotiation mastery and leadership strength. I do this through hosting transformative workshops, coaching, professional speaking and writing.”
“This will take time. This will take strength of character. This will take leadership. If you are wise, creative, curious and far sighted, step forward. Now is When.”
“Consider that all the expertise and experience we each have may not be enough to effectively and successfully deal with the great challenges we face today as individuals, families, organizations, professions and nations. Consider the collective wisdom that is possible from a circle of diverse perspectives and interests coming together to listen, understand, speak, generate and co-create breakthrough solutions.”

Why is this important to you and your future?

  • At times, do you feel like you are not getting what you need, you have to settle for less, you dislike saying no or your organization is not as effective as you want?
  • We all negotiate every day. Why have we chosen to ignore the importance of our negotiations on our life, work, organizations and community?
  • All Savage Negotiation Mastery Circle (NMC) programs are designed to transform how you are in negotiation and the results you create. This teleclass is meant to be a convenient, inexpensive and high level summary program to bring your negotiation awareness, skills and successes to greater outcomes for you and your organization. This program may be supplemented with our other programs or used as negotiations primer.

Combining best practices with business expertise.

Targeted to serve professionals and organizations who want much more from their negotiations, negotiators, teams and leaders.

What are the Components?

With our Negotiation Mastery Circles, you (and your organization) get transformative results through;
  • 6 monthly three hour sessions with a limit of 20 people per circle,
  • 3 one on one coaching sessions,
  • group accountability calls regarding commitments and challenges, and
  • Binder of all materials. Plus recommended reading/resources lists.

Savage Management Negotiation Mastery Circle Programs include:

Negotiation: Foundation
  • Understanding the dynamics and fundamentals of negotiation.
  • Preparing for, designing and evaluating a negotiation.
  • Understanding interests, motivators and barriers.
  • Establishing goals, accountability and measures of success.

Negotiation Coaching

  • Specific and practical coaching on current and future negotiations. Participants
    and organizations identify their challenges.

Convening Circles

  • How to convene circles that positively engage diverse interests to effectively
    deal with questions that are important. Transformative for public engagement,
    stakeholder engagement and leadership development.

Negotiation Mastery Circle 1: The Key Skills

  • Getting the most from the books : Getting to Yes, Getting Ready to Negotiate,
    and The Power of a Positive No, Getting More and Beyond Yes.

Negotiation Mastery Circle 2: The Value of Conflict

  • Company to Company Dispute Resolution, Situation Assessments.
  • Difficult Conversations, learning conversations, emotions & triggers.
  • Enneagram Harmonics, our tendencies in conflict and mastery.

Negotiation Mastery Circle 3: Awareness of Self & Others

  • Enneagram (our tendencies in relationship & our instincts) How to
    understand those of others and groups.
  • Nine Domains and levels of functioning of teams & organizations.
  • Creating healthy, constructive, creative and lasting deals and relationships.

Negotiation For Our World

  • Participants identify a “big stretch” negotiation to make the world a better
    place for their family, organization and/or world, establish goals, measures of
    success, action plan, resources/alliances needed and work this important deal
    with the assistance of the circle.

Negotiation within Organizations

  • Focusing entirely on transforming the culture of an organization by the
    quality of the negotiations between executives, teams and staff.

Negotiation Teleclass

  • Eight 1 hour monthly teleclass series providing a high level Negotiation
    Foundation. Also incllude one coaching session and session materials.

Negotiation Teleclass Series –register now, start of 8 monthly sessions

Negotiation Mastery Circle – register now, start of 6 monthly sessions, Calgary
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